Hey Everybody! In this video, we will discuss about legality of Gambling and Fantasy sports in India which has been in debate ever since.
Now whether a game is gambling or not depends on whether it involves a game of skill or a game of chance. While the game of skill is permitted, in our country game of chance is prohibited. Over the years there has been a steady growth of Fantasy Sports in India and many think that it is better to legalize it on which government can impose taxes and earn revenue for the economy’s growth.

It is seen that in some countries it is considered taboo, while others think it is better to regulate it with proper laws. In India Gambling is a state subject which means that different states can make their own gambling laws and the decision to legalize it depends solely on the states. Online betting is yet another issue since it is self-regulated. In the year 2018, the Law Commission of India had also issued a statement regarding gambling and said that online sports betting and gambling should be legalized in our country.

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