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Due to the ever-growing popularity of online betting sites, such as Roobet, more and more individuals are being exposed to the realities of table games. They say the “house always wins!” and that is due to the fact that the games are rigged in favor of the casino – they maintain an edge over all the players.

With online gambling growing in popularity due to new legislation as well as a vast majority of individuals staying home with nothing to do or speculate on, online gambling sites have positioned themselves perfectly for success in today’s economic landscape. This means that more and more people are being exposed to betting strategies, and their so called “guaranteed” winning formulas.

Everyone wants to become a millionaire, rich, or financially free – and the instant gratification of winning large sums of money with complete ease, makes the Casino the ultimate allure for all individuals. Thus, the birth of betting strategies. Under the false pretense that betting strategies actually provide a mathematical edge over the house, bettors are swindled into pursuing such strategies, and after sometimes seeing a little success, are quickly greeted with a significant loss. The most famous of all strategies being the martingale strategy.

In this video, I go over the merits of Martingale, as well as applying it to Roulette, and demonstrating its lack of efficiency and success. In an effort to further educate people on the realities of these types of betting strategies, I try to explore not only why they fall short of success, but also, why your efforts are better reserved towards understanding public betting markets.

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