Want to win more when playing slot machines? Follow the method I teach in this video. A lot of people ask how to win more playing slots and this is the best method I have found to cash out ahead more often.

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Playing slots is my favorite hobby. Group pulls are my preferred method of play. I like chasing the jackpot with a group of people that all have a small investment but get to enjoy big spins. I love the red screens on VGT games and hitting a great bonus round. I typically play slots at $15-$100 a spin and can be found in the High Limit room most of the time.

Our group pulls usually have pots of $10,000 or more and we love chasing the Grand. The return rate on our group play remains close to 93% of the initial investment.

I make these videos for people that are 18 and older only. If you ever find yourself struggling with a gambling addiction please seek help. I play slots for entertainment only and work with a predetermined budget.

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